Mr. Coffee BVMC-KG6-001 Single Serve Coffee Brewer Review

Mr. Coffee BVMC-KG6-001 Single Serve Coffee Brewer

Why do so many people love Mr. Coffee BVMC-KG6-001 Single Serve Coffee Brewer? 40 years down the road, Jarden Consumer Solutions now owns the brand name. The business focuses on enhancing their coffee makers, iced tea makers along with espresso makers. Their inventions through the years consequently the business has won several awards and have proved quite helpful to the business. Now we look at one of their most recent products in the marketplace, your mind, the single cup coffee maker ensures you a newly brewed hot mug of your favourite flavor’s coffee, hot chocolate or tea. can prepare your favourite drink in under a minute.

Mr. Coffee BVMC-KG6-001 Single Serve Coffee Brewer is available in matte black plastic finish for that body and supply. In the front part is a glossy silvery plastic finish that functions as an excellent kitchen counterpart. The appearance supplies the coffee maker that premium because of this it is capable to blend in many surroundings which range from indoor kitchens and offices to outside events like celebrations and feel to it.


The BVMC KG6 001 utilizes the complex award winning Keurig K Glass packs for hot chocolate, coffee and tea. This provides you with a wide variety of over 250 epicure packs to pick from. In addition to that, the packs additionally let you customize various beverages in the event of guests.

Besides that, the coffee maker also uses the Keurig My Kcup. This reusable coffee filter lets you brew gourmet coffee from your coffee grounds that are wanted. Sadly, the My Kcup is sold individually but cheaply.


Most coffee makers generally call for a cleaning process that is complex but thanks to using more easy comes with a removable drip tray that enables you to adapt bigger is additionally also ensures multiple brewing with no need to refill and enables simpler cleaning.

Another characteristic may be the coffee makers ability to immediately turn off once it is done brewing thus preserving your power.

Simplicity of Use

Unlike many coffee makers which include long and complex guides, Mr. Coffee kitchen appliances are popular to feature ease and however offer excellent functionality. The BVMC KG6 001 isn’t any exception for this. To begin, remove the water reservoir and complete it with a few clean water. After placing it in place, raise the top section of the maker to show an opening in which you put your wanted Kcup. Utilizing the userfriendly control panel in the correct part of the maker, choose your ideal cup size including 6, 8, to press start and 10 ounces. It certainly will not get simpler wanted the lighter the drink prepared. The water reservoir is effective at preparing at least.

Other Features

The maker has a preheated prepared to prepare your drink in under a minute. There is generally which makes cleaning a great deal simpler as the coffee maker brews right into your cup.


Stuff: Flat
Utilizes Keurig K Cup Packs
Easy to use control panel
Automatic shutoff to save energy
Water preheating
40-oz water reservoir which makes up to 6 cups
3 coffee-size choices


Brewer is without doubt a fantastic option for a coffee maker replacement. Ensured to immediately convert anyone to a barista that is knowledgeable, the coffee maker is an excellent chance for anybody to choose his/her coffee making abilities to an entirely new degree. It’s recommended to anyone Barista or not, trying to find a coffee maker that is dependable and streamlined that delivers and promises quality drinks. The coffee maker is easily accessible on other online stores and Amazon and is extremely affordable. As an added present, the coffee maker has a 5-count bunch of k cups for you really to begin with.

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Hamilton Beach 49981A Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach 49981A Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach 49981A Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker uses the simplicity of ground coffee and makes a customizable cup immediately: an 8 oz. cup in under 90 seconds or perhaps a 14 oz. travel mug within two-and-a-half minutes.

Apart from its versatility in using coffee grounds that are low-cost to make made for ultra-simple preparation in three steps that are square: 1) Scoop 2) Position 3) Produce. It includes a built in, flexible stand that turns to adapt a taller travel mug or a standard size cup and comes with a steel net scoop for filtering newly ground coffee.

In general, The Scoop Single-Serve Coffeemaker offers no fuss and affordability with a lot of choices. There is no requirement for high tech buttons, extra equipment or additional equipment, either.

The Scoop
Merchandise Unique Features & Uses

Permitting does not want coffee pods, which can get pricey, and not to mention rancid, through time or pre packaged K Cup packs. Instead, it has a mesh scoop filter that offers users the option manufacturer (Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, etc.) and any power (Normal or Striking) satisfying for their style.

Varying Boldness Degrees

Using The Scoop Coffeemaker, versatility is essential. Whether you choose to go with more effective superior or a mainstream brand coffee -brand coffee, you want a machine which rapidly adjusts and understands. Make use of the normal setting for a fast , automatic drip coffee that is fundamental, or get an upgrade and select BOLD for more excellent grinds, or more powerful flavors superior decaf -brand coffee like Starbucks or Melitta. Simply keep in mind the finer the grind, the more it requires to brew. For coffee that is bolder, the water passes through at a speed that is slower, but enables more contact time and better quality extraction to get a better-tasting cup brewing.

Quantifying Proportions Appropriately

Not certain when brewing, how much coffee to add? No stresses — each scoop filter is tagged with two measuring lines for precise portion quantities. And more is not always better, in this instance. Overfilling the scoop does not permit room for water and brewing can overflow and spill over, finally meaning poorer coffee.

Fixing the Cup Size

Before brewing, fix the L shaped cup rest to ensure your cup is near the dispensing nozzle as potential. Against the coffeemaker, fit the cup rest for travel mugs and put your mug in addition to given the “2012 Good Housekeeping Really Impressive Furthermore, high positions for the way it can use coffee grinds, rather than packages or pods, and concurrently give users the liberty to select their particular taste, power and cup size for their coffee to it.

Merchandise Feature Benefits

Prices cents per cup, in comparison with leading opponents’ single-size packs
Percentages coffee just with single-function scoop filter
Makes under 90 seconds
Integrated flexible stand supports travel mugs that are taller and standard size cup
One steel net scoop filter contained; no requirement for paper filters
Broad drip tray on base functions as a spill-resistant drain for extra coffee
Settings for ROUTINE (automatic drip) and coffee that is BOLDFACE
The longevity of coffeemaker is ensured by permanent, stainless steel characteristics
Automatically shuts off after brewing
Care hints &

Run a couple of cycles throughout the machine before first use. The Hamilton Beach 49981A Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker shuts off when one cycle is complete. When grinding your own coffee beans, recall to buy beans which were lately roasted (in a week is greatest), and grind them each single time you make a new cup. When brewing, don’t use more than 14 ounces and keep ground coffee below the MAXIMUM fill line (410 ml) of water. To prevent brewing mid-cycle, press either DARING or ROUTINE, as well as the unit will shut off. A brew button is pushed and when there’s no water in the water reservoir, the unit is not going to brew.

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Keurig B130 DeskPro Brewing Coffer Maker Review

Keurig B130 DeskPro Brewing System

FALSE:UNSUPPORTED ENCODING called modest size makes it perfect for tight spaces. Although it uses the more pricey simple setup, clean-up and almost foolproof coffee-making. Based on user reviews, it is vital that you follow along with producer ‘s cleaning and care directions for continued great indistinguishable to the Keurig K130, and for the hospitality industry.


A solid, fundamental single cup coffee maker that’s easy to use.
Its modest size makes it excellent is light enough and little to take together with you on the road.
Durable – assembled for commercial use.
K-Cups is made by it mostly wreck- may be a flavor that is distinct – simply make use of a distinct K Cup.
Can be properly used to make tea and coffee in various flavors, along with other hot and iced drinks.
There is no need to utilize special water, though blocked or bottled water is advised, and softened and tough water is deterred.
Creates hot coffee.
The coffee has great flavor.
Rates full of consumer reviews.

Creates a small quantity of coffee per cup.
Doesn’t possess a reservoir with hot water, each cup of water individually must warm and brew.
Doesn’t adapt travel mugs.
Isn’t designed to be used with ground coffee.
The Our E Cup adapter for brewing ground coffee will not fit this machine.
The setup procedure demands an exact sequence, till some users get the hang of it, which may confuse them.
Requires a little longer to produce than most homebrewers as it uses less electricity.
No auto-start attribute so that you can not specific time, like very first thing each morning.
UL recorded for Commercial Use Only – not meant for home use (a plus in the event you are trying to find a machine for your workplace or another commercial building).
Suggestions from Users:

Run several adding a K Cup) to eliminate that “new coffee maker” smell.

If you would like to have more than 8-oz of coffee, you run it with the same Kcup installed and can refill the reservoir following the very first brewing. Be cautious next brewing. It is easy to overflow the cup into if it’snot you’re dispensing. We propose emptying the very first cup of coffee into a big for the next brewing – then pour the next cup of coffee in the mug that is bigger, too. You will have to test to find out just how much water to use in the 2nd run, as some users report that coffee that is poorer is produced by the next use of the K Cup.

Some users report having the capability to brew ground coffee using a thirdparty Kcup replacement filter, like EZ Cup or Solofill (and the EZ Cup paper filters) produced by Perfect Pod. Bear in mind producer and you will invalidate the guarantee by using K Cup substitutes.
Additional users report recycling the K-Cups many times by filling them together with their preferred ground coffee and addressing them with plastic covers that could review grounds that are excellent from the cup.

The water reservoir with this single cup coffee maker is loaded in the top, which makes it a little hard to see the “Fill Level” gauge in the event the coffee maker lives on a typical countertop (particularly when you are short!). Some users advocate measuring 8 ounces of water out in the machine.

For pouring the water into, the opening is not large. Avoid spilling the water extend the edge of a Styrofoam cup to generate a narrow pouring area to easier direct the coffee in to the reservoir. Be particularly cautious to not spill water in the event that you are utilizing the machine with no drip tray.

Occasionally when removing used Kcups the machine presumes you are adding the lid as well as a K Cup pops up to add water. Then the brew light comes on should you just close the lid. Push the “Power” option or remove the machine to halt the period.

ranked with 662 reviews at that time it was composed. Users report makes exceptional coffee, and they value all the other and coffee, tea drink options accessible K Cups (250 to pick from). People who whine about weak coffee are motivated to attempt other Kcup flavors till they find a more daring combination that suits their tastes. An efficient solution to do so the coffee this machine makes isn’t so hot (drinkable without needing to wait in order for it to cool), but others say the coffee is hot.

The producer said the coffee is made at 192 degrees, therefore this comes from the machine quite hot, when asked about it. But, the coffee temperature can be lowered by the temperature of the cup, along with chilly creamer. The users advocate pre-heating allowing it to stay for a minute before putting it in the drip tray for brewing and emptying it (or wash it under hot water for two or a minute). Additionally they advocate putting the cream in the base of the cup before brewing, as opposed to pouring it in the hot coffee.

There is a standard criticism that coffee maker can start to create partial cups of coffee (not all the water flows through). Cleaning the way out needle and/or descaling normally fixes this. If no water runs through whatsoever, you may have to wash the entry needle also, Most users don’t report this as an issue, although a few more noisy than they anticipated it to be.

quite fairly priced and offers great price for a commercial-use condensed single cup coffee maker.


as well as an excellent pick for commercial surroundings – provided you do not warm, are content believe that 8 oz comfy doing a second brewing to generate a bigger number). We value the number of available coffees and assorted drinks, simplicity of use as well as its modest footprint, portability.

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Keurig B60

Keurig B60 Special Edition Brewing System Review

The Keurig B60 Special Edition Brewer is a sleek, modern single cup coffee maker designed with easy operation and convenience in mind. The simple maintenance and programmability makes it stand out from the competitions, though some customers wish for bigger brewing sizes. This little gadget is an ideal domestic appliance for a family that has different tastes as it provides hundreds of flavors of coffee, chocolate and other beverages. It’s so popular on Amazon, but you should be aware of the downsides which will be listed out in this Keurig B60 review, as well.

Sleek and Durable

The chrome accents and the LCD display with blue, back lit make it look modern, durable and fit well into the kitchen. Personally, I really love the blue LED lights. At first glance, it might look too big for standard cabinets. But in fact, it fits under most of them.

Fast Brewing

The Keurig B60 comes with a removable 48 oz water reservoir which saves you the needs to refill the machine with water each time before you start to brew. It takes a little more time to heat up the machine first than the competitors, so brewing your first morning cup of coffee takes about 1 minute longer. But after that, it only takes less than 2 minutes to heat up and brew subsequent cups. You can choose between 3 strength varieties of K cups – bold, regular and light, which allows you to brew the coffee the way you like it.

The Keurig B60 Offers More Than 200 Flavors of Coffee

Have you even been there before where you made a pot of coffee but few people drink it? It must be embarrassed, right? With this system, everybody can easily pick his favorite flavor of coffee, cocoa or other beverage in few minutes. The extensive variety and the quality of the beverage are the real strength of it – Keurig’s K-Cups are compatible with more than 200 varieties of coffee, chocolate and tea from 24 brands which include Green Mountain Coffee, Diedrich, Tully’s, Newmansown, Coffee people, Celestial Seasonings, Bellaccino, Emeril’s Gourmet Coffee and so on.

keurig k cups

Easy to Maintain and Clean

The Keurig B60 Special Edition comes with some advanced features that are not easy to find around this price point, such as automatic programmability, adjustable temperature and brewing sizes, and a removable water reservoir. Besides, it’s super easy to use and clean up. A de-scaling cycle is required to remove the calcium deposits every 3-6 months and maintenance is just as complicated as filling the water reservoir. Cleaning up this machine is also a breeze – just slide the removal drip tray out of the coffee maker, turn the metal holder upside down to detach it, then you are good to go. It’s not messy like some of the competitions.

The Keurig B60 Special Edition Are Compatible With Ground Coffee

By using a prepackaged container of grounds (known as K-cup), this sleek and durable coffee maker is able to brew up to 10 oz each cup. But if you are anything like an environmentalist or want to save money, you can buy a reusable filter called “My K-Cup” and use ground coffee since K-cup packs are not recyclable and cost more than ground coffee.

It Saves You Money

Those who get used to buying coffee from a coffee house will find that this gadget can save them hundreds of bucks a year. The average cup from Starbucks is about $4. If you buy one cup a day, that will be $1460 a year. However, you can spend only $13.95 to buy a typical K-Cup box that comes with 24 K-Cups, which means you can make a delicious cup of coffee for yourself at less than 60 cents. Just do the math. You can buy yourself loads of good stuff with the money saved from this.

Here is a video as reference. You can also head to Amazon or Keurig’s official site for more specifications of it.


  • The manual from the official states that if you select the larger cup sizes you will probably end up with weaker coffee of less flavor. For those whose mugs are bigger than 10 oz, it’s highly recommended to buy K-cups of stronger flavor.
  • Some customers complained that the pump noise of this module is loud, which is a problem that also happens on the older module – Keurig B40. Some said that the vibration of the pump can spread to the cover of the water reservoir and make the noise even louder.


The Keurig B60 Special Edition Brewer has so many reasons for people to go crazy for it. The advanced features above make it a best coffee maker around this price point, though it also has the noise issue which is not a deal breaker.

Click here to check out the discount and real customer reviews of the Keurig B60 Special Edition Brewing System on Amazon.

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bonavita bv1800 8-cup coffee maker

Bonavita BV1800 8-cup Coffee Maker Review

The Bonavita BV1800 8-cup Coffee Maker is a well-designed drip coffee maker which features good looking housing and fast brewing time. The Germany manufacturer always does the best to extract the most flavor out of your favorite beverage. Today, this company is already on par with the world’s famous brands such as Hamilton Beach and Cuisinart. The innovative features of the Bonavita BV1800 raise the bar for your kitchen appliances. It has been certified for both performance and quality by SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America). I will walk you through the advanced features and also point out the downsides of it in this Bonavita BV1800 review.

bonavita bv1800 8-cup coffee maker review

Overall design

As you can see in the picture, the elegant stainless steel casing of the Bonavita BV1800 looks premium and durable. The sleek and sexy housing will definitely complement your kitchen. Besides, it allows the user to choose between the glass carafe model and the stainless thermal carafe model. The amazingly brief design makes it super easy to operate, since the on/off switch is the only control.

Fast brewing time

Have you ever left for work without the coffee because your damn coffee maker was just not fast enough? The BV1800 comes with a 1400-watt heater and it can brew 8 cups of coffee (40 ounces) in six minutes, which is great for those who are always pressed for time in the morning.

Accurate temperature control

During the brewing process, the heater has the ability to precisely keep the temperature within the ideal temperature range to ensure maximum aroma extraction and flavor. Only when it achieves the optimal brewing temperature range which is between 200 ° F to 205.3 ° F, the heater will release the hot water from the boiler to coffee grounds. Plus, an optional thermal carafe can keep the coffee hot much longer than most of glass carafes.

Extract optimum aroma

Thanks to the Bonavita’s exclusive wide shower head design, the coffee grounds can be fully saturated with hot water during the brewing process. In this way, the coffee maker can optimize flavor extraction from the coffee grounds. Besides, the contact time between coffee grounds and hot water is optimized by the coffee maker to ensure the quality of final brewed coffee.

Easy to clean

The Bonavita BV1800 uses removable components such as a filter basket and a showerhead to make it easy to clean. Plus, these components are dishwasher safe, which rapidly reduces the time for cleaning.

Other features:

This drip coffee maker will automatically shut off 2 hours after the brewing is done, which saves power and ensures electrical safety. But this feature is only available on the version that comes with a glass carafe.

The clear and marked tank makes it easy to fill exact amount of water you want, which takes the guess work out of the preparation. So if you need to brew 5 cups, just fill the water to the specific point of 5 cups and you’re good to go.

There is an easy- to-fill filter basket for easy filling and cleaning.

The glass carafe version has an additional 55-watt warming plate. The proper power of it is able to keep your coffee warm but not overcook it. But remember that don’t warm your coffee with the plate for too long or it may taste a bit bitter.

For the thermal carafe model, there is no need for a warming plate since it loses quantity of heat much slower than the glass carafe.


Medelco GF214CB #4 Cone Permanent Golden Coffee Filter.

>> Click here to check out the discount information, customer reviews and more specifications of the Bonavita BN1800 8-cup coffee maker on Amazon.


  • Certified by the SCAA
  • Fast brewing time (5 – 7 minutes)
  • BPA-free plastic components
  • The 1400W Heater keeps the brew temperature at 195-205˚ F to ensure great quality of the final brewed coffee.
  • The water is distributed evenly to be fully saturated with the coffee grounds


  • It’s more pricey than its competitors
  • No timer, no clock and programmability
  • You can’t pause the brewing process to pour a cup for yourself



The Bonavita BV1800 8-cup coffee maker is definitely a nice drip coffee maker at an affordable price. It’s designed to be durable and easy to use, which makes it a great option for those who want to start their morning with a quick and fresh aromatic cup of coffee. You can choose between 2 options: the glass carafe model and the thermal carafe model. It has received rave reviews from thousands of satisfied customers on Amazon.

But you need to be aware of that it also lacks some common features that other drip coffee makers have, such as the programmability, which means that you can not load the coffee grounds and water in advance and configure the timer to work at the exact clock the next morning. For those who really enjoy this convenient feature, the Bonavita BV1800 8-cup coffee maker is not an ideal option. If you were anything like them, you can check out my review of the Cuisinart Brew Central DCC-2600CH Drip coffee maker that has this amazing programmability.


buy bonavita bv1800 8-cup coffee maker

Bonavita BV1800 8-cup coffee maker

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Cuisinart Brew Central DCC-2600CH Drip Coffee Make

Cuisinart Brew Central DCC-2600CH Drip Coffee Maker Review

Cuisinart Brew Central DCC-2600CH Drip Coffee MakeCuisinart deserves great reputation for its excellent coffee makers. You can find the best drip coffee makers on functionality or design in the Cuisinart Brew Central line. The Cuisinart Brew Central DCC-2600CH is a top rated and easy-to-use 14-cup coffee maker that comes with many useful features. Most guys must hate to operate a complicated machine to just make a cup of coffee in the morning when still in bleary-eyed. It has various features loved by the consumers, for example the adjustable capacity. And it comes with a 3-year warranty.

Features & Functionalities of the Cuisinart Brew Central DCC-2600CH

This 14-cup-capacity coffee maker won’t make you run out of java. Each cup can be filled with 5 ounces of coffee. So if you brew a full pot, you will need 70 ounces of coffee. However, you can choose between 1 and 4 cups by setting up the machine if you only need to serve a small group of people, like a small household. You can also choose between regular and bold coffee by adjusting the strength to determine how strong you want your coffee to be. Furthermore, there is a a charcoal water filter on the device to filter the chlorine and other chemicals added to the tap-water. Remember that the quality of the final brewed coffee is affected by the water a lot.

Cuisinart Brew Central DCC-2600CH potWith the DCC-2600CH, what wakes you up every morning will be the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. There is a built-in clock on this drip coffee maker which you can program to make the machine start to brew coffee automatically at the exact time you set. Real coffee lovers might scorn adding ground coffee and the water 10 hours before brewing it, but those who can’t be clear-headed in the morning without a cup of coffee would definitely love this feature.

There is a glass carafe sitting on a nonstick heating plate. When the coffee stays hot, you can keep it from being bitter by adjusting the plate to any of its 3 setting: low, medium or high. You can choose an original permanent filter or paper filters for coffee grounds. It would be easier to clean to coffee maker if you use paper filters which also add extra protection against the cholesterol in coffee oils. However, a permanent filter just lets the cholesterol pass through it and many people prefer the oils’ fuller aroma. It’s smart to clean the built-in filter regularly to avoid a rancid flavor resulting from any remaining oils.

An automatic shut-off function is provided to protect against forgetfulness. The timer can be programmed to keep the coffee hot for up to 4 hours or to shut the coffee maker down at any moment within 4 hours after the brewing is done.

coffeeThe brew pause function is perhaps the best extra feature of this automatic machine. If you have ever been there longing for quick coffee in the morning while the damn coffee maker is pouring the black delicious into the pot really slowly, you can never let it happen again. You are allowed to pause the brewing process to get a sip and then restart brewing - no fuss no muss.

There will be an audible alert of five beeps when this coffee maker finishes dripping the black mixture into the pot. That’s definitely a welcome sound in the house that tells the coffee drinkers at your house to prepare their mugs.

A water level indicator on the machine can tell how much water you added. In case of an unexpected halt during the coffee-making ritual, the sixty-second memory can record where it was during the process and the parameters you have set. When there has accumulated way too much calcium inside the Cuisinart DCC-2600CH, it will alert you that it needs a quick and easy interior cleanup. First put a mixture of water and white vinegar in the water reservoir and push the button to start. After the process is complete with an alert of 5 beeps, you need  to do that again with only fresh water to remove the vinegar taste.

While cleaning the charcoal water filter is much simpler: just wash it in tap water for 10 seconds then you are good to go. It’s highly recommended to replace the charcoal water filter at least every 60 days.

A 3-year warranty sounds really appealing. You can get help and support from Cuisinart by email or phone that are both written on its website. And a detailed manual is available to set up or adjust the device. If you want t o buy this machine from a retail store, you can check the “Gourmet Locator” on its website to find any store that carries this machine within a range of 90-mile area from where you live.

Click here to see the discount information, star ratings and customer reviews of the Cuisinart Brew Central DCC-2600CH.




  • Adjustable capacity. You can brew up to 14 cups at a time.
  • The brew pause function allows you to steal a sip of coffee during the brewing process.
  • With the programmable timer, this machine can brew coffee automatically for you at the time you set.


  • Using the glass carafe to keep the coffee warm might result in bitter taste. And you can not replace it with a thermal coffee carafe.
  • Some users on Amazon reported that this machine started to leak water after 1 year of use. Click to see the detail.


The Cuisinart Brew Central DCC-2600CH drip coffee machine with an attractive silver-and-black appearance will look great in your kitchen. It has a reasonable price of around $100, and it offers impressive features. So what do you think about it? Is the best coffee maker for you?

buy Cuisinart Brew Central DCC-2600CH

 Cuisinart Brew Central DCC-2600CH for sale on Amazon

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Cuisinart DTC-975BKN Thermal 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

Cuisinart DTC-975BKN Thermal 12-Cup Programmable Drip Coffee Maker Review

Cuisinart DTC-975BKN Thermal 12-Cup Programmable CoffeemakerIf you want to make yourself quick coffee rather than buying it from cafes in the morning, then the Cuisinart DTC-975BKN Thermal drip coffee maker might be a great replacement for you. In its category, this thermal 12-Cup programmable coffee maker is considered to be one of the best drip coffee makers under the price of $100.

It has some excellent features including a insulated, double-walled, stainless steel carafe with an exclusive pour-through and brew-through lid. But it also has some obvious downsides to be aware of and you can learn the details in this review.

Features & Functionalities of the Cuisinart DTC-975BKN

The Cuisinart DTC-975BKN brews coffee into a dishwasher-safe and insulated carafe with an exclusively designed lid rather than other popular drip coffee makers which brew coffee into a glass carafe and use a hot plate to keep it warm. A ball-bearing mechanism is used on the lid, so that when the lid is shut, it still allows coffee to be brewed in or poured out of it, which in turn keeps your coffee flavorful and hot for hours. With this smart design, you don’t need to use a hot plate for heating coffee anymore. Most People would agree that using a hot plate to heat the coffee in glass carafe for hours will result in a burnt taste. But it will be not the case if one uses an insulated carafe to keep the coffee hot.

Cuisinart DTC-975BKN 12                                     71WiLacaSUL._SL1500_

The Cuisinart DTC-975BKN uses paper filters to brew coffee, but you can choose a permanent gold mesh filter too. Many guys prefer paper filters than the permanent mesh filters not only because paper filters make coffee sweeter tasting, but because they remove kahweol and cafestol, lipid-like compounds in coffee which raise LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol. However, those molecules don’t bind to permanent gold mesh filters.

It’s easy to know how many cups of coffee you have brewed before it’s done with a water level indicator. You can load the grinded coffee and water and then decide when to brew at will with its 24-hour programmability, which is really appealing to those who can’t face the morning without coffee. You can sneak a cup during brewing with the help of brew pause functionality if you can’t wait that long, but don’t take too long to get that. When the machine is done brewing, you will be alerted by 3 beeps. After that, if you forget to shut it down, it will turn itself off after 2 hours for security.

41jcORztAeLHowever, this Cuisinart drip coffee maker lacks a water filter and a strength setting. The brewing process is impossible to slow down to achieve stronger brews and extract the most flavor out of coffee. The coffee you brew with tap water might not taste the best  and you might need to clean the machine more frequently to get rid of accumulation of calcium compounds from hard water without a water filter. (depending on the water condition in your area)

If you need help and support, just contact Cuisinart via phone or email which are given on its website. Besides, a 3-year warranty is included with this coffee maker.



Click here to see the discount information, star ratings and customer reviews of the Cuisinart DTC-975BKN.


  • Insulated carafe to keep your coffee warm for long time without bringing a burnt taste.
  • Simple and compact design makes it look good.
  • The programmable auto-brew functionality makes it easy to operate.
  • 3-year warranty.


  • It is slow to brew a full pot – about 15 to 20 minutes.
  • It doesn’t comes with a water filter to eliminate impurities.
  • If you over ground the coffee beans, it is easy to overflow during brewing process. But it’s fine with pre-ground coffees.


The Cuisinart DTC-975BKN programmable Coffeemaker is compact in appearance and well-designed in functionality. It has some extra features to help you brew good tasting coffee, such as its insulated carafe design. The programmability is so easy to use, too. But slow brewing is its obvious downside to be aware of. Overall, it’s a cost effective drip coffee maker that’s worth your bucks.

Cuisinart DTC-975BKN

 Cuisinart DTC-975BKN for sale on Amazon

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De'Longhi EC155 review

De’Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Cappuccino and Espresso Maker Review

De'Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker reviewIf you plan to buy an espresso machine, you will consider yourself lucky because there are way too many options in the market. But around the price point of $100, there are few competitors that can beat the De ‘Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Cappuccino and Espresso Maker. This machine has several good reasons to be one of the best coffee makers on Amazon. Making delicious espresso drinks at home has never been so easy with it. If you are seeking a cheap but cost effective espresso machine, this best seller semi-automatic gadget is definitely for you.

Features & Functionalities of the De’Longhi EC155

There are dual filter holders on this machine, so you will find how easy and quick it will be to preparing espresso and cappuccino. And you can make your coffee at the exact temperature you like. Air will be mixed into the brewing process to produce the right crema. With the swivel jet frother, you can easily creat creamy and frothy drink every time – cappuccino, latte, frothy milk beverages, etc. Thanks to 2 independent thermostats in this model, you are able to control the water and steam pressure separately. You can prepare your espresso and cappuccino simultaneously at individual temperatures.

With the self-priming functionality, there won’t be pre-brewing preparations like its competitors, and it only take about 1 minute to heat up, which is really fast. There are extra few minutes to wait between brewing and frothing before you get the final good tasting and delicious coffee. But overall, the time it takes during the whole brewing process is much shorter than some other coffee makers.

For those who only goes for the best espresso machine that produces enough frothy cream, the rotating jet frother might be the greatest part of this model. It brings rich frothy cream to the final coffee drink to make it perfect every time.

This gadget has two filter holders, which in turn allow users to choose between 2 thermostats. Thus, you are able to change from different temperatures, depending on what you need. Do you want a cup of warm cappuccino or hot steaming espresso? Or both? That’s really great when you are serving different guests who prefer different taste of coffee at your dinner party.

The machine is easy to disassemble and  reassemble. Both the drip tray and the 35-ounce water tank with an indicator light are removable, which makes them easy to clean. And the water tank is big enough to give you 8 to 10 shots.

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  • It’s good looking in appearance and not bulky at all. It just takes a little space in your kitchen.
  • Cheap price and impressive performance.
  • Brewing time is pretty short compared to its competitors.
  • Dual filter holder design allows you enjoy espresso and cappuccino simultaneously.
  • You can easily make espresso drinks with thick delicious cream each time.
  • The filter is easy to clean up.


  • The steam wand is kind of short.
  • The original tamper works bad. A metal one would be a good option.
  • One customer on Amazon did complain this machine started to leak after 6 months, but he also seemed to be the only person who encountered that problem.


The De’Longhi EC155 Cappuccino and Espresso Maker has received rave reviews from thousands of consumers on Amazon. More than half of them gave it 5 star ratings, which a little incredible. And the price of less than $95 is quite affordable. It provides some great features like dual filter holders and doesn’t have any obvious downsides. It is definitely worth the money.

De'Longhi EC155 review


De’Longhi EC155 15 for sale on Amazon

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Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine

Review of the Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine

gaggia classic reviewFor some people, it’s always much nicer to enjoy their morning espresso at their comfortable house than to drive through blocks to a coffee shop. You can brew to your taste in bleary-eyed with a best espresso machine for home use in the morning. So many espresso enthusiasts have chosen the Gaggia 14101 Classic espresso machine because of its easy-to-use features and reliability.

About Gaggia Espresso Machines

You can find strong brand loyalty, if you ever read different kinds reviews of Gaggia espresso machines. I was wondering why. One thing that many users have mentioned about is the long service life of their Gaggia espresso makers. It’s not just 2 or 3 years they talked about. But it seems that their Gaggia machines work damn well for many years or even a decade. This might be a good explanation. And when it comes to Gaggia 1410 Classic espresso machine, it remains the same. Each part of the Gaggia 1410 is firmly built, which you can see from the high-voltage boiler to the stainless steel exterior.

Featuress & Functionalities of the Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine

The Gaggia 14101 Classic stays the class commercial appearance with a stylish display panel that has a steam switch in the middle of it, followed by a power and brew switches on the left and right. And when the boiler reaches the brewing temperature, an indicator light will illuminate.

It comes with a generous water tank of 72 ounces, a hot water dispenser, a high voltage boiler and a high-power 17 ½ -bar pump. You can expect your final espresso to be piping hot and with the most aroma extracted.

The group head and chrome-plating portafilter are made of marine-grade brass, which might be its most distinct feature. Brass that consists of zinc and copper is a great material for its corrosion-resistant property and most importantly the heat retention and stability. The diameter of portafilter is 58mm so that it provides a large surface to make the water distribute evenly.

Gaggia 14101 Classic portafilter

The Gaggia’s high-voltage boiler is made of highly conductive aluminum. The 2 heating elements affix onto the boiler’s sides so that they avoid direct contact with water to prevent the corrosion. This special design makes the entire boiler conducive to heat transfer. It yields quick heat-up and great temperature stability because of the 3.5 ounce low volume boiler with 1370 watts into it.

When the pump is shut, the pressure will be released immediately. As an additional benefit, the machine redirects the water from brewing to the the drip tray, which results in drier puck and reduces cleanup so that you don’t need to rinse out the portafilter. And it will take less time to pull another shot. Overall, it reduces the time to wait for temperature to rise to brew. And remember that more stable temperature means better espresso.

There is 35 seconds to wait before steaming. It is not as perfect as a double-boiler machine that has no wait time, but 35 seconds is no big deal for most people. 96 seconds is needed to steam 8 ounces of milk. And it is able to produce creamy froth without much fuss. Anyhow, if you have 8 or more guests to serve who are waiting for their lattes in your party, the wait time might be a little annoying issue.

Easy to Use

It’s not a super entry level coffee maker that works for a beginner who has no basic ideal about how to brew a cup of espresso the way he likes it. Nevertheless, if you are an average user like me who knows what he is doing, you will have no trouble in brewing delicious espresso.

best espresso machine Gaggia 14101 Classic Some brands of espresso machines are a little harder to use because of the lower quality. The frothing wand sometimes doesn’t stay where there should be or the basket falls out when you try to dump the grinds. But to the the Gaggia 14101 Classic espresso machine, all the pieces and parts are in the extract place and work pretty well. I think this should be considered to be easy to use for most guys. If one has to disassemble the entire machine to clean each piece or needs to hold it to stop it from leaking during use, that’s not easy to use. The Gaggia 14101 can’t do better in this respect.

Every average user can make perfect espresso with the Gaggia 14101 Classic. With practice, you can even make better espresso than what you can buy from Starbucks. You can get better and better at perfecting the frothing and timing to make the taste superior if you do it right with this machine.

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  • Highly stable temperature and commercial-grade brass group head and portafilter to ensure consistently delicious coffee each time.
  • Powerful 55-watts pump to pump water to brew and steam in short time.
  • Efficient two-piece heating elements for heat transfer and retention while avoid water corrosion.
  • It’s built to be durable with marine-grade material. Some users reported that it even works well after a decade.
  • Compact and stylish design in appearance.


  • The 3.75 inch usable length of the steam wand is sort of short.
  • User manual and instructions are kind of confused and not user-friendly.
  • It is not suitable for beginners.


Remember that if you have no experience about making espresso before, this semi-automatic espresso machine may not be suitable for you. So how do you think about the Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine? Is it the right choice for you? Be sure to read the best coffee maker reviews if you are still not sure.

gaggia 14101 classic espresso machine review

 Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine for sale on Amazon

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Breville BES860XL Barista Express Espresso Machine with Grinder

Breville BES860XL Barista Express Espresso Machine Review

breville bes860xl review

The Breville BES860XL Barista Express comes with an integrated burr grinder that you can use to grind consistently fresh coffee and tamp it with appropriate pressure to pull a perfect shot of espresso in just one minute. If you are a real espresso lover, you must know that the quality of final espresso shot relies on so many factors. The freshness of coffee beans, water quality and temperature, the pump pressure and much more. Newbies can just let the machine do most of the work, while experienced baristas are able to control all the variables and the outcomes could be quite different.

What is special of the Breville BES860XL Barista Express?

The BES860XL Barista is designed for you no matter which kind of espresso enthusiasts above you are. The features and functionalities inside are as good as it looks outside. The stainless steel housing which is durable and will complement your kitchen carries on the Breville’s signature style.

Breville BES860XL Barista Express Espresso Machine with Grinder reviewThis espresso machine equips with an integrated burr grinder to help brew more professional espresso than a standard blade grinder. A burr grinder generates slower RPMs and less friction when working. During the grinding process, it produces less heat, which also means more aroma. And the cone-shaped burrs’ material, stainless steel, doesn’t react to coffee beans’ acidity so the aroma of coffee retains integrated.

On the left hand is a grind size dial which offers 15 different settings to you to grind coffee beans from coarse to fine. It’s highly recommended that newbie baristas should select the Dual Wall setting for the Dual Wall Filters, while for the more experienced guys, a finer setting for the Single Wall Filters is good. Whether you use the single or double-wall filter, you can adjust the dosed amount to fill the corresponding filter basket.

The fresh ground espresso will be directly dispensed into the filter after you push the portafilter into the hand-free cradle, and when the dispensing is done the grinder will automatically stop. The coffee bean hopper is designed to hold 8 ounces of beans and you can turn half a dial to remove it for refill.

Other Features & Functionalities

The 67 oz removable water tank comes with a charcoal water filter that eliminates impurities of tap water to make the espresso better tasting. Along with a fifteen bar Italian pump, the thermocoil heating system controls the water temperature to be accurate. And the machine will do an auto-purge to make the water temperature optimal for brewing.

You can use the 54mm built-in magnetic tamper to tamp the basket “on board” when it’s affixed to the machine or remove it for manual tamping.

Breville BES860XL Barista tamper

A flat shower head does ensure the water distributes evenly through the coffee puck. The excess water left in the used coffee will be extracted by the dry puck feature, which makes it easy for cleanup. And when the machine requires cleaning, there will be a “Clean Me Light” indicator.

With the volumetic control functionality, you are allowed to choose the manual override, the pre-set 1 and 2 cup volumes or programmable shot volume. Choose the way you want it to be, hands-on or hands-off.

The 360-Degree Swivel Steam Wand allows you to move the wand to whatever angle you like to froth the milk to produce creamy foam for your cappuccinos or lattes.

A cup warming tray is on the top right side, where you can store 4 cups. There is a concealed storage to store scoop, the filter basket, etc, right behind the drip tray which will light up an indicator light when it’s full.

Breville BES860XL Barista Express drip tray

There is a pressure gauge to help you monitor and appropriately control the pressure level to pull a perfect shot every time. What can qualify as a perfect extraction? Well, one condition is that after 4 – 7 seconds, the flow should start and the extraction time should be kept between 15 – 30 seconds. The perfect espresso always has a golden brown cream, flowing like warm honey. Deviation from this is considered to be over or under extraction.

Breville does well in guiding the user to operate it on its website, as well as the User Manual, and there are also many video from other independent users available to learn.


Preheating your cup and running hot water without inserting the portafilter into the group head is one key factor to a perfect shot. Preheating the portafilter like the cup is another one. And of course, the tamping force, the fineness of the grind and the time to pull are all responsible for the quality of final shot. The time of heat-up is between 45 seconds and 1 minute. You can use the fresh beans with the built-in grinder, pre-ground coffee or ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) pods.

Breville suggests beginning users to select the double-wall for 1 or 2 shots. 1/3 ounce or  8 grams of ground coffee is needed for each shot and brewing 1 fluid ounce of espresso takes about 20 seconds in this case. And a double shot needs twice the amount of ground coffee (2/3 ounce) but takes almost the same time as one shot. (20 to 25 seconds)


The commercial grade frothing wand has a a frothing enhancing attachment which should be used when you  need to froth a large volume. You’d better use cold milk to get the best frothing result. Regular cream or milk produces the creamy flavor and texture. But it is surprising that low-fat milk can creat the most froth.

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  • The built-in burr grinder can adjust dispensing amount and grind size. More importantly, it retains the most aroma of coffee beans.
  • It takes less than 1 minute from coffee beans to a cup of delicious espresso with fragrant flavor.
  • Easy to use – it accommodates experienced baristas or newbies.
  • The Thermocoil Heating System and the 15-bar pump ensure the most optimal temperature for pulling a perfect shot.
  • A water filter in the 67 oz water tank reduces impurities like chloride to make better tasting coffee.
  • You can manipulate the pressure level with Pressure Gauge to fine-tune the shots.


  • The water tank indicator locates in an invisible place - the back. Make sure that the water level is half-full before brewing the coffee.
  • It takes about 2 minutes to froth the milk, which is longer.
  • The price is really high. It might not be suitable for those who just starts to learn making espresso at home. A cheap machine would be a better option for them. But in the long run, it’s a still a smart investment as you can “bring Starbucks home”


The BES860XL Barista Express espresso machine has a stylish and durable design. It allows you to have ultimate control over the brewing and steaming process to pull the perfect and quick espresso shots. Unlike some other advanced espresso machines out there which is complicated to operate, this one is also suitable for the beginners who want to go a step further to be a better baristas for their families. It has received incredibly good reviews from hundreds of customers on Amazon. Is it the best coffee maker to you? Some of the experience they have shared on it might be helpful for you to make decision. Check out their feedbacks.

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Breville BES860XL Barista Express Espresso Machine 

with Grinder for sale of Amazon

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